With 135 members (as of January 26, 2004), the Pasadena Coin Club has one of the largest active memberships of the greater Houston area clubs. 

According to the Pasadena Coin Club Constitution and Bylaws - "Dues shall be payable at or before the second meeting each January, after which time dues become delinquent".   Also stated in the Bylaws - "No member shall be allowed to vote on any issue after the regular January meeting if dues for the current year have not been paid.  Any regular or junior member in arrears more than three months shall be automatically dropped from the roster and the mailing list."

To become a member of the Pasadena Coin Club, fill out a membership application (below) and take it to the next club meeting, along with the proper annual dues.

                Annual Dues:
Junior Members.....   $7.50 Regular Members............ $15.00
Couples.................... $20.00 Family Membership........ $25.00

You may pay your dues by mail:

Pasadena Coin Club
P.O. Box 5404
Pasadena, TX  77508

Membership Application Form  (MS Word Document - .doc)